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Training Consultancy 

Effective training is the bedrock of great business 

Training review and improvement 

As a training consultant  I work with businesses to help them maximise the impact of their training efforts, a key role is reviewing, designing and optimising training programs for organisations. 

I start by getting an understanding of business needs, any issues with training and development and future plans for growth or problem to solve. I then evaluate training that is already in place – this looks at content, delivery and process. I work to align training programs with the company’s goals and individual needs across teams and departments and facilitate specific learning opportunities considering best practice pedagogy and neurodivergence in the workplace.

Image by Mika Baumeister

Trainer training and learning design  

I also deliver trainer training in the form of workshops and individual coaching.


I help individuals learn key pedagogic principles and to understand neurodivergence and how different people respond to different training and stimulus.


You will learn about: the role of pedagogy and learning activities to teach effectively. How to critically assess the reasons for organising training activities and how to create the training which meets the needs of your learners and your organisation.  and the building blocks of creating an effective and inclusive training programme.


 I also review and audit existing material and create teaching materials and lead courses in my specialist areas of brand, marketing,  and deliver values training. 

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