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We work on your terms - below are just some of the possible ways of engaging our services to help you reach your goals 



1. LETS START -  2 hours. FREE

The hardest thing is any project is sometimes just to start that is why I offer a free 2 hour LETS START session - A call of face to face meeting  with principal consultant Sally Chuku, to set the agenda and define the issues and scope. We start with understanding the business vision to define the gaps in knowledge and the core scope of brand or training audit work - be this reviewing training material in line with good teaching and learning practice or whether it is to understand your audiences,  plan the relaunch, or develop specific training materials. 


Bespoke STRATEGY SETTING session including set up to a defined issue or requirement then a  half-day workshop for up to 7 participants and a full report of discussion and completed strategy outputs. We will be very focused in the session and work to solve a specific issue and give you the tools to action any strategic thinking within your business.  Follow up the half-day with an action plan for your business to implement. 

3. DEEP DIVE  - £2000+

Our DEEP DIVE programmes are designed to help you on your business journey,  an initial session to set the business priority than a full-day workshop with detailed follow-up and action plan for your training, business or your brand. Each DEEP DIVE module addresses a specific need - this could be a total review of your business plans and goals, or the creation of a new brand offering or service, a review of your targeting strategy and audience priority creation or even the creation of a specific training module,  the development of audience understanding, conceptualising a new brand idea, or developing new training for your teams that want to tackle and answer the questions themselves without consultancy time.  The DEEP DIVE module gets rich into your business and sorts a problem by focusing on insight from your data and the market and then setting an expert plan. It gives business owners space to step away from the day-to-day and set the right course to move forward.


The DETAILED DEVELOPMENT module is a focused sprint of work that typically takes a month. They are for businesses that want a quick answer to a question, sort out a problem and get very clear direction on a way forward. A way forward that is expertly directed and driven by insight and market and business know-how.  Typically desk research, interviews, survey a workshop will be used to get to the core facts, and then we use our experience and expertise to mould clarity around the foundations of the issue to be solved and deliver a clear plan of action for your brand and business. This gives a really solid action plan - this level of investment is great for a new brand launch or business change that you want to kick start asap and get all assets of your internal and external investment working towards. 

5. 360 SUPPORT  - £15,000 + 

Our 360 SUPPORT  module offers fully bespoke ongoing in-depth strategic direction -  for businesses this will result in setting the vision and mission,  and if required visually and tonally creating the brand narrative and setting ongoing objectives and resource usage to a specific goal. All areas of project management and strategy will be set to work too. Expert consultation to support your ongoing success. This is highly bespoke and always developed hand in hand with businesses.  For training, this will be to deliver the full scope of training across a business to an agreed requirement. Typically A 360 process takes  3 months onwards as needed, it involves goal setting, and can involve research, interviews, scoping, analysis, workshops, business review and creative outputs.  Each 360 is tailored to a client's needs - be this launching a new brand, developing or overhauling training, developing a business model and proposition, launching an app, or creating a house of brands.

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