A call with principle consultant Sally Chuku, to set the agenda and define the issues and scope. We start with understanding the business vision to define the gaps in knowledge and the core scope of brand work - be this better audience understanding, a need to relaunch a business or a lack of clarity around products.

2. COLLECTIV VISIONING - 1 day. £700

A half day workshop for up to 7 participants and a full report of discussion and completed strategy outputs. We will be very focused in the session and work to solve a specific issue and give you the tools to action any strategic thinking within your business. 

3. COLLECTIV AWARENESS  - 1 week - £2000

Our Awareness programmes are designed to help you on your journey, a full day workshop with detailed follow up and action plan. Each awareness module addresses a specific need - this could be developing audience understanding, conceptualising a new brand idea, developing training for  your teams that want to tackle and answer the questions themselves without consultancy time. 

4. COLLECTIV DISCOVERY - 1 month  - £7000

Discoveries are sprints that typically take a week to a month. They are for businesses that want a quick answer to a question and that have clear direction on. Typically a workshop will be used to get to the core facts, then we use our experience and expertise to mould clarity around the foundations of the issue to be solved and deliver a clear plan of action for your brand and business. 

5. COLLECTIV ENLIGHTENMENT - 3 months - £15,000 + 

Our Enlightenment programme offers fully bespoke in-depth strategic brand direction - setting the vision and mission,  and if required visually and tonally creating the brand narrative. Typically an enlightenment process takes around 3 months with ongoing support after if needed, it involves research, interviews, market scoping, customer and data analysis, workshops, business review and creative outputs.  Each Enlightenment is tailored to a clients needs - be this launching a new brand, developing a business model and proposition, launching an app, or creating a house of brands.