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Work: Projects

Strategic solutions to drive brands forward. 

Insight-Driven Brand Strategies to launch, communicate and engage customers. 


Ango Recycling has a long history of diverting textiles away from landfill. They manufacture over 150  sustainable products supplying many industries. As pioneers in creating sustainable underlay, they needed to create a new D2C brand - this was something entirely new for them. The process included creating a brand name, creating a vision, mission and values that represent the founder's focus on giving back to the manufacturing industry and positively adding to the circular economy.  CIRCOLL was born, following research and liaison with key retailers where the brand will be launched. Think Collectiv delivered all strategy, creative, photography and marketing to support the launch and continue to advise.


Grand Central Train needed to develop a unique marketing identity that communicated its core purpose of supporting underserved communities with train services that connect more of the UK with affordable train services to desirable cities across the UK. The core strategy focused on making the people who travel and work for grand central the hero - connecting people with the opportunity train travel offers and creating awareness via local media to drive engagement. The creative delivery used aspects of the branding.


Think Collectiv was tasked with creating a new brand positioning and identity for a vending company merging 12 brands, as well as all strategic work we recommended, briefed and manged creative and website development. A 12-week Brand Enlightenment programme was undertaken by Think Collectiv, with quantitative and qualitative research, a  senior board workshop, creative delivery, comms planning, vision, mission, purpose, values and manifesto creation all being delivered as part of the scope.  Alongside name creation and brand launch strategy. The insight of people delivering to people was a key focus that delivered an edge for the new brand positioning - it informed the name, personality and the core USP of the brand.  The Vending People was born.


Property owner Boultbee Brooks needed a brand strategy for a completely new direct-to-market commercial property brand. Over 6 weeks, working closely with the design agency and the MD of the new business, Sally delivered a brand strategy workshop, messaging and communications planning, SEO partner advice, and copywriting services.  A new vision, mission, values, and purpose were honed from research and workshop outputs. The output that resulted from the strategy was strong and uncompromising. The message that better work starts with better space was born.  Studio Space was created around a core belief that 'Better Work starts with Better Space'.


Dr Oetker is a leading baking brand in the UK.  Commercially we needed to get more bakers connecting with Dr Oetker products for every bake.   Working with creative agency Cheetham Bell, Think Collectiv reviewed research, conducted our own and reframed the brand and created a new brand DNA, a DNA built on a new insight, the insight that the emotions of a bake are critically important; passion and emotions join all bakers along a sensory baking journey. Baking is a creative act filled with care and craft, along a bake a baker experiences many emotions and highs and lows.... creating, crafting, anticipation, worrying, focusing,  and trying. We used this insight to reposition Dr Oetker as the enabler of great baking feelings- with a new purpose of "Together we make the bake" and a campaign focus to connect to all bakers  "Get that baking feeling".


Working as part of the RAmarketing team, Sally worked as the lead brand strategist on a project to merge 2 global clinical research brands. Brand research and internal workshops, followed by detailed analysis and creation of a new brand positioning and DNA focused on the freedom that great clinical research offers and the exceptional ownership mindset and depth of expertise and knowledge that DMed and Clinipace offered and they came together as one  - Caidya was born.


A leading northern city was looking to launch an Ebike service across the city. To do this they wanted to create a brand that appealed to a wide range of possible users, built on the city branding and overcame some of the possible barriers to using an Ebike. A series of workshops were delivered with a wide range of possible users to establish existing perceptions of Bikes, barriers to usage, and needs. This set the foundations and we  created the brand personality, vision, mission, values, and a central idea to guide the creative team in managing and creative look and feel development, name, and proposition for the new scheme.


Soreen was competing with both sugary snacks and healthier snacks, the product's USP of low sugar, fibre and slow-release energy was getting lost in an FMCG market where it could be outshouted and eroded by alternatives and supermarket brands. It needed a stand-out messaging campaign to deliver salience in the market.  The strategy was to build the insight that both mums and activity seekers ( target audiences)  want healthy energy sources that keep people going...  We developed an advertising message that played to the heart of the brand DNA.  Deliciously squidgy adventures - The campaign focused on positioning Soreen as different from health food or quick-fix sugar rush snacks. Endorsement with Change for Life was a key partnership, social, in-store, radio and magazine partnerships and online were core channels for engagement.


ForViva is a leading Social Housing and home maintenance provider. The brief was to evolve the brand framework and align all parts of the business behind a refreshed corporate brand. Quantitative and qualitative research was undertaken, workshops, a road map, a new DNA house of brands framework delivered,  and a communications plan was created for each brand within the group. ForViva had a clear vision of improved lives, its core purpose was getting lost and there was confusion around the corporate brand - we delivered clarity focusing on POSSIBILITIES to communicate the impact reinvestment of profits. ForHousing delivers social housing across the UK. Supporting ForHousing is Liberty,  as a for-profit Liberty is tasked with servicing and maintenance, it has a strong can-do attitude and its people ethic shone through in research  - its people serve people and keep places warm and secure - making them - The go-to people in property services.   The strategy was brought to life creatively and rolled out across all touch points internally and externally.


John West was under threat from own-label copycats, its no-drain tins had lost market share as supermarkets launched versions to compete.  To innovate it wanted to get Tuna out of the back of the cupboard and into the chilled and ambient on the go- food section.  The fridge pot was launched -  the campaign focused on getting tuna out of the back of the cupboard and into the fridge - creating a fresher and more convenient feel to the product. new product. The campaign focused on usage occasions and the ease of the new format, additionally showing the product in the fridge as opposed to the cupboard. 


Working closely with the founder of BE GLAM we developed a clear strategy for marketing and communications. This involved a full review of existing communications, and developing clear messaging hierarchy and developing key strands for the business to communicate to ensure that it could promote itself effectively and a valid business opportunity to prospective consultants.


Adjustamatic are the UK's largest maker of adjustable beds, with an enviable direct sales force they  wanted to create a furniture retail brand, from their heritage as a direct business they had started to open stores in key areas, but the footfall was not as high as anticipated. A full strategy piece including customer research, creative testing and competitor analysis was delivered. Insights suggested that we all want to live our best life, regardless of age and sleep is a key part of this. A new brand position of "Comfort you control" was developed to tap into the product USP and a campaign that focused on the benefits of a zero gravity sleeping position was launched. Data-driven marketing was deployed to target a new core audience of "life enhancers". Creative teams developed a new look and feel,evolved logo and messaging.


PACE IT were a well established UK wide technology consultancy business. They had grown over 15 years and were at a point of wanting to move ot the next level.  They commissioned Think Collectiv to undertake a full brand review and brand discovery. working closely with the owners and the leadership team to define the brand messaging, to establish is the creative and name was fit for growth and to set out the foundations of the brand message to move the business forward. A new position built on the businesses drive to use technology to move business forward in a changing work was established. The name Propel was selected to encapsulate the outcome lead focus they have as a team and the difference thier technical solutions make.  As well as brand strategy, Think Collectiv oversaw all naming, creative and marketing strategy for the business.


Working with the lead creative agency Creode  we developed the brand positioning for 

ASDA Mobile. Shift from ‘no contract no limits’, to a more appealing and relevant brand proposition. We identified an opportunity for the proposition to; Leverage trust from Vodafone (but not explicitly mention the brand) - they have the biggest network, Remind customers that Asda is by your side, solving problems and helping them keep on top of things. Reinforcing the trust Asda mums put in Asda for their family needs. Assuring them that with Asda, they ‘Spend Well’. The resulting proposition focused on MORE MOBILE - Asda Mobile offers more bundles, more flexibility, and more service.  Life’s busy. so Asda, make a big deal more out of making your life a little easier. 


 A brand that was struggling to engage with its customers or continue relevant relationships - this was the problem for Saffron Building Society. To get to the bottom of the right brand messaging and look and feel we held a number of internal workshops to develop a new brand position and focus on the right messaging in awareness and in customer communications Delivering a brand discovery process, including qualitative online research and positioning statement research. Delivery of Brand DNA, an integrated strategy across branch comms to online results,  and full creative management. 


Think Collectiv worked with the founder and senior management team to support the next stage of their growth strategy -  the founder and senior team had built a strong business and following 3 years of hard work were ready to take the business to the next level.  Brand strategy, and clarity around vision, mission and critically identifying a differentiated and meaningful position was the focus of our work - driving a new position of The Digital Change Makers and a vision and mission forged from Black Labs commitment to doing digital and SEO better, making a positive change for the sector and for clients. Full brand DNA, creative briefing and management lead to an exciting and differentiated brand position


 Argos Pet insurance was only appealing to price-sensitive rational pet owners - the Argos retail brand was not reflecting the full benefits of their pet insurance product.  As a brand, it needed to demonstrate emotional empathy to a large group of owners who adore their pets - like family! As part of the digital strategy we identified key moments of truth when thinking about insurance - when you get a pet or when an injury occurs. At these stages, you are looking for a trusted partner, not just the cheapest.   Little Hero's  was born...A multi-channel social media campaign that gave owners the chance to shout about all the ways pets enrich their lives. It was driven by a 6-week competition mechanic split into multiple stages to maximise engagement.


A new modern identity and messaging was developed for FSB. FSB was losing ground in a world that it had not kept up to speed with.  Via a 12-week Brand Enlightenment process we gave them the pride to identify themselves as the experts and pulled out the key audience driver - AMBITION as being the glue that holds together small business owners. Together we could see a disconnect that - FSB could bridge - EXPERTISE  ( or lack of it) was the key holdback to AMBITION being realised……..This led to a hugely successful creative rebrand and ongoing campaign strategy.  production of brand assets, across all touch-points, comms strategy development and 12-month delivery plan, development of multi-channel collateral (external/internal), plus data planning, list selection and review of, and review of the target audience. business owners.


One of the largest UK providers of Accounting and Umbrella services had grown by acquisition, they had over 12 brand within their portfolio. The question was how do we continue to grow? How do we use our brands to increase value? Is there any brand equity to be mindful of? 

A 12-week discovery involving brand workshops, depth interviews,  customer and prospect surveys, competitor review and cultural listening followed. The resulting recommended strategy was to ensure that the SOV was bigger than SOM to support growth ambitions and to move from a house of brands to a branded house framework. As a result, Optionis rebranded to single branded house Caroola


The British Council of Arts needed to develop distinct fundraising propositions for its  Corporate givers. The British Council Arts projects span a wide range of programmes. They are complex with complex proposition development requirements built on human needs and beliefs, I worked with the senior Arts team,  researched Arts Charity Corporate gifting online and conducted depth interviews with charities. From this research we developed fundraising propositions for the 6 key Arts council areas, this was tested and checked in a 1-day workshop with the senior fundraising team to pull out the needs and wants of the potential corporate givers and their needs. The output was  6 key positioning statements to start fundraising action and create a long fundraising plan. 


Working with the founder or MET.  Think Collectiv developed a brand positioning of an expert regional marketing recruitment partner. Developing their brand messaging and managing the creative process to update their website, social media strategy and all imagery across the website. 

A new focus on progressing people and progressing business was established and 4 key pillars underpinned how they worked and the difference they delivered. 


Internally a plan for how to live by their values was created. Creative management of a new look and feel and a new colour palette was managed by Think Collectiv as was the onboarding of a social media partner.   Social and media and marketing plan was developed and overseen and all third parties were managed to ensure best practice and best outputs for the business.  


Jet2 are one of the UK's leading travel companies.  Working with the agency team I developed a bespoke creative brief writing training programme for the team. This was run in a half-day workshop and then over a number of follow-up sessions with the team,  specific resources, a new creative brief and internal client training were delivered. The training sessions were well reviewed with significant improvements in a briefing following the session.  This training has also been successfully run with young people studying to join the creative sector and with agency teams. 


IPF was evolving to meet the changing needs of 2.4 million customers across 11 international markets. Its vision is to make a difference in the everyday lives of customers by providing simple and personalised financial solutions. Via a programme of interviews with internal stakeholders and in-region research, developed an internal framework to deliver the brand internally. Onboard ambassadors, and develop internal digital touch points, video, and support for key events. 
ASPIRE was developed as the core management development programme to empower staff,  the internal brand focused on the ripple effect - do one good thing and a ripple effect occurs. A brand film was developed for in markets to bring together all regions behind one simple vision. A portal was created to attract global graduates.


Together is a growing specialist lender. It needed to develop a clear messaging hierarchy for its newly established B2B intermediary sales - and support its 12 Regional Development Directors. There were too many messages fighting in each region. Media strategy workshop delivery, audit of competitor activity, research via depth interview of 12 regional development directors. Review of existing creative, tactics brainstorm. A targeted campaign based on elevating local places and saying to deliver standout and create a point of difference.


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