Result-Driven Strategies

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Dr Oetker is a leading baking brand in the UK. Dr Oetker offers great quality and  it has a huge range of baking products for all bakers, from amateur to expert, but they were only known for special bakes and sprinkles.  Commercially we needed to get more bakers connecting with Dr Oetker products for every bake.   We reviewed research, conducted our own and reframed the brand and created a new brand DNA, a DNA built on a new insight, the insight that the emotions of a bake are critically important; passion and emotions join all bakers along a sensory baking journey. Baking is a creative act filled with care and craft, along a bake a baker experiences many emotions and highs and low.... creating, crafting, anticipation, worrying, focusing,  and trying. We used this insight to reposition Dr Oetker as the enabler of great baking feelings- with a new purpose of "Together we make the bake" and a campaign focus to connect to all bakers of "Get that baking feeling" - we added emotion into the brand,  and reflected bakers true motives - connecting Dr Oetker with more bakers and more bakes.



Think Collectiv was tasked with creating a new brand positioning and identity for a vending company that was merging 12 brands. A 12 week Brand Enlightenment programme was undertaken by Think Collectiv, with quantitative and qualitative research, creative briefing, comms planning and creative delivery across all communications and a new website - management from name creation to brand launch. The insight of people delivering to people was a key focus that delivered an edge for the new brand positioning. Across all the exisiting companies, the fact that their people would go the extra mile to deliver face to face service, and ensure vending machines in all types of environments were working to service people and connect places was a key foundation for the new brand name, position and look and feel. The Vending People was born.

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FSB was losing ground in a world that it had not kept up to speed with.  Via a 12 week Brand Enlightenment process we gave them pride to identify themselves as the experts and pulled out the key audience driver - AMBITION as being the glue that holds together small business owners. Together we could see a disconnect that - FSB could bridge - EXPERTISE  ( or lack of ) was the key hold back to AMBITION being realised……..This lead to a hugely successful creative rebrand and ongoing campaign strategy.  production of brand assets, across all touch-points, comms strategy development and 12 month delivery plan, development of multi-channel collateral (external/internal), plus data planning, list selection and review of, and review of target audience. business owners.

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ForViva is a leading Social Housing and Homes maintenance provider. The brief was to evolve the brand framework and align all part of the business behind a refreshed corporate brand, fine tuning and simplifying the proposition,  using research to focus and steer brand action. Quantitative and qualitative research was undertaken, workshops, a road map, a new DNA house of brands framework delivered,  and communications plan was created for each brand within the group. ForViva had a clear vision of improved lives, it core purpose was getting lost and there was confusion around the corporate brand - we delivered clarity focusing on POSSIBILITIES to communicate the impact reinvestment of profits  makes to communities and giving an tangible focus of what being a force for good actually means - reinvesting all profits to improve places and spaces and communities. ForHousing delivers social housing across the UK - this is vital to many and we developed a clear focuses on the power of home, community and place to deliver new possibilities that improve lives. Supporting ForHousing is Liberty,  as a for-profit Liberty is tasked with servicing and maintenance, it has a strong can do attitude and it's people ethic shone through in research  - it's people serve people and keep places warm and secure - making them - The go to people in property services.   The strategy was brought to life creatively and rolled out across all touch points internally and externally.



Working closely with the founder we developed a clear strategy for marketing and communications. This involved a full review of existing communications, and developing clear messaging hierarchy and developing key strands for the business to communicate to ensure that it could promote itself effectively and a valid business opportunity to prospective consultants.

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Adjustamatic wanted to create a furniture retail brand, from their heritage as a direct business they had started to open stores in key areas, but the footfall was not as high as anticipated. The brief was to review the current retail strategy, messaging and audience focus and strategically suggest a new way forward, a new DNA, a retail strategy,  and a campaign strategy.  A fully strategy piece including customer research, creative testing and competitor analysis was delivered and a core focus audience was identified as slightly younger that the at home customer.  Insights that came out of research suggested that we all want to live our best life, regardless of age and sleep is a key part of this. The strategy built on insight proposed was to focus on a new position of enhancing life, and the power of adjustable furniture for all as a health and wellness support. A new brand position of "Comfort you control" was developed to tap into the product USP and a campaign that focused on the benefits of a zero gravity sleeping position was launched. Data driven marketing was deployed  to target a new core audience of "life enhancers". Creative teams developed a new look and feel and evolved the logo and messaging.



Together is a growing specialist lender. It needed to develop a clear messaging hierarchy for its newly established B2B intermediary sales - and support its 12 Regional Development Directors. There were too many messages fighting in each region. Media strategy workshop delivery, audit of competitor activity, research via depth interview of 12 regional development directors. Review of existing creative, tactics brainstorm. A targeted campaign based on elevating local places and saying to deliver standout and create a point of difference. 



 Argos Pet insurance was only appealing to price sensitive rational pet owners on price - the Argos retail brand was not reflecting the full benefits of their pet insurance product.  A huge segment of prospects were being missed. As a brand  it needed to demonstrate emotional empathy to a large group of owners who adore their pets - like family!  Owners are so pet-proud that they’re eager to share silly and incredible stories and photos.
Identified key moments of truth when thinking about insurance - when you get a pet or when an injury occurs. At these stages you are looking for a trusted partner not just the cheapest.  =etting on the radar to educate  was essential for Argos to gain new prospects and customer.

Little Hero's  was born...A multi-channel social media campaign that gave owners the chance to shout about all the ways pets enrich their lives. It was driven by a 6-week competition mechanic split into multiple stages to maximise engagement.

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 A brand that was struggling to engage with its customers or continue relevant relationships, delivering a full brand discovery process, including qualitative online research and positioning statement research.

An integrated strategy across branch comms to online - focused on the human need  Saffron's products meet and a need to interact with Saffron - create real stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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IPF was evolving to meet the changing needs of 2.4 million customers across 11 international markets. Their vision is make a difference in the everyday lives of customers by providing simple and personalised financial solutions. Via a programme of interviews with internal stakeholders and in region research, developed an internal framework to deliver the brand internally. Onboard ambassadors, develop internal digital touch points, video and support for key events. 
ASPIRE was developed as the core management development programme to empower staff,  the internal brand focused on the ripple effect - do one good thing and a ripple effect occurs. A brand film was developed for in markets to bring together all regions behind one simple vision. A portal was create to attract global graduates.