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Brand Strategy and Support

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Setting the brand foundations 

 Branding strategy is the long-term plan to achieve a series of long-term goals that ultimately result in the identification and preference of your brand by consumers. A successful branding strategy encompasses the brand's mission,  vision, values, promises to its customers, and how these are communicated.  We work with you to deliver insights that direct your brand creating a strong and meaningful message in your marketplace. 

Answering the following questions can be the first step in drafting a successful brand strategy:

What are your brand's objectives and how do you communicate them?


What problems will your brand solve and how will it benefit its intended customers?


How do you identify your ideal customers?– who will benefit from the brand?


How do these customers feel and how would they like to feel?

How do you identify your competitors– who is already giving your potential customers what they want and how?

How do you engage potential customers?

 What personality and tone of voice will your brand have to achieve its goals?

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On going brand and comms delivery 

A winning brand strategy can only do good if it is implemented and monitored as part of your wider marketing and business plan - there is no plug-and-play option.

A solid strategy needs to be worked into your team's ethos across value training and your brand positioning needs to act as a guiding star to your marketing and communications plan- helping you steer between short and long-term objectives.   

Any marketing messages need to tie back into your brand voice and amplify your brand narrative.   Your marketing plan must work to raise your brand voice and also to deliver sales.

We can work to deliver your brand in action across internal and external communications and direct your messaging and marketing plans.  We can work to manage and brief creative and media partners and direct third parties in the long term. 

Super Hero Kids
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