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Supporting the next generation of marketers

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

At the end of July I took the plunge and supported a young person in getting some work experience, as a one person consultancy who works from co-working spaces, home and client offices, I was initially worried about how I would support the work experience with enough structure. I got to it and planned a full week schedule, with Eva working from 3 different offices on 3 different projects.

Eva's time working with me, reminded me of the importance of getting hands on work experience and I encourage everyone to try and facilitate this if possible, yes it took time to plan and organise, but hopefully Eva now has a better view of the different opportunities in the creative agency sector and a broader view of the huge range of roles available. I believe she has a bright future ahead in the fields of digital marketing, marketing, or advertising.

Let me give you an overview of the work she did during her time here.

**Diverse Projects and Creativity**

During her week working with me, Eva was involved in a variety of projects, she spoke to ITV's Business Development Director - Jason Spencer, she worked to develop a creative brief, she reviewed concepts, was involved in a brand strategy presentation, got involved in status meetings and created a social media video.

She was keen to show case her creativity and adaptability - as such she played a role in the creative development of a new brand, providing her thought and feedback on visual identity aspects. Eva also demonstrated her multimedia skills by creating a social media post and crafting a compelling social media video using Adobe Premiere. She jumped in and put her ability to access and manipulate brand guidelines, select fonts, music and logos to the test, this was especially critical during her work on a project for client Propel Tech.

**Comprehensive Competitor Review**

Eva didn't stop at creative tasks; she also undertook a comprehensive social media competitor review as part of her work with digital marketing agency, Perfect Storm. Her attention to detail and dedication shone through as she analysed social media strategies. Her insights proved invaluable in identifying gaps in a client's website content and social media strategy, aiding the planning effective improvements.

**Proactive Learning and Collaboration**

The world of work can be intimidating and although a little shy at times, which is to be expected, Eva was proactive and collaboration. She asked questions, embraced every task with a can do attitude, and importantly if she did not know something she would raise the point and try and clarify. She engaged with team members of all levels, from senior to junior, as well as third-party partners and business owners. Eva's ability to import valid comments during the creative feedback stage of a rebrand project demonstrated her natural interest in marketing and creative development.

**Valuable Networking**

Eva also had the opportunity to gain valuable insights through discussions with ITV's Business Development Director, Jason Spencer. These discussions not only enriched her knowledge but also helped her establish a valuable contact in the industry.

**A Positive Attitude**

Throughout her time with Think Collectiv, Eva exhibited a positive attitude that was truly refreshing. Her willingness to collaborate, ask questions, and listen to others is a testament to her character. These qualities are essential at every stage of career which was great to see.

**Future Endeavours**

As Eva continues her journey, I encourage her to reflect on her interests and further develop her knowledge in those areas. I have advised her to make the most of the contacts made and to keep in touch as she reviews her degree and apprenticeship options moving forward.

From a small consultant perspective I am glad I took the plunge and gave Eva the opportunity to see inside an agency and into my work as a brand and marketing consultant, yes it was hard work organising and supporting her to ensure she was gaining valuable experience, and that I could juggle all of my work deliverables, but it was well worth the time invested in the next generation of marketers.

In closing, It was truly a pleasure to have her represent Think Collectiv, and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her for roles in digital marketing, marketing, or advertising. Eva, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and I have every confidence that you will shine brightly in your chosen career.

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