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The power of collective thinking to solve business problems

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Complex issues require intelligence beyond that of any individual. Yet in the face of complex, problems or challenges that require us to innovate we typically revert to what we know.

When we solve problems we consult a small number of people and sources to get to a solution - this leads to biased thinking, and biased solutions, alternatively we consult too many people but no-one takes charge - leading to watered-down strategies, unease, compromises and a lack commitment.

Think Collectiv is a small brand strategy consultancy that offers startups of any age brand thinking that helps them to scale and grow. It was established by Sally Chuku in 2016, and born out of an clear vision; that of helping all businesses grow. Helping them to get the full picture and avoid biases, and in delivering this clarity help them grow their business. This frees them up to focus on their specialism and better meet their ambitions and the needs of their customers.

Collective thinking is not merely a strategy for helping people talk together, I am talking less about lots of people working to the solution together and more about a way of solving problems that is accessing thinking and views from all the people and areas that matter - consumers, stakeholders, culture, AI, data and more.

Collective thinking is the art of working in an agile way to ensure the views that are consulted to drive a decision is unbiased and are true to the problem we are trying to solve.

It is a discipline of collective learning and inquiry. It serves as a cornerstone for meaningfully different brands that grow. In fact, collective thinking often leads to new levels of coordinated action without the artificial, often tedious process of creating action plans and using consensus-based decision-making.

Its about pulling together key insights that matter and objectively giving yourself the time to focus in on the really problems that need to be solved from different perspectives and then allowing yourself to step out of your biases and look from another view.

It directs innovation programmes and brand strategies by providing a structure that validates all thinking and creates a focus on linking the important business, brand and consumer truths for business advantage.

Collective thinking does not require agreement; instead it encourages people to participate in a pool of shared meaning, which leads to aligned action.

In my 20 years of working with brand and businesses I have seen that this approach leads to growth, this is because the brand is no longer selling it is solving problems, it is framing itself in meaningful and different ways to connect with culture and customers. It is by doing this that brands can truly connect and show up in culture and drive value from brand and marketing.

Contact Sally Chuku at Think Collectiv to get the power of collective thinking working for you and your business. We power brand with collective thinking to ensure brands are simple, clear and working really hard to meet business goals. Take a look at some of our case studies or get in touch to find out more.

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