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Creating Brand Possibilities in Tech Consulting

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

In April 2022, Propel Tech as we know it today was born. Working with the senior team at the then Pace IT, Think Collectiv in the summer of 2021 undertook a 6-month brand review and eventually full rebrand process.

From Pace IT to Propel Tech:

The starting point for working with Pace IT was a realisation that the business had grown out of the current brand and was underselling itself, indeed the brand message was focused on services and there was a real need to reset and elevate the brand message to align with the founder's vision, the market needs and the future of the business.

Reset and Refresh:

Developing the new brand was by no means an overnight process, initially, the job to do was to gain the internal view and to understand all the key stakeholders in the business.

What was the appetite for change, what was the vision for the business? how did the senior leadership team and founders see the business progressing in the future and how would they like it to stand up against its peers?

Getting into the details:

Think Collectiv got busy getting to the truth. - workshops, interviews with the team and customers, competitor and market insights reviews and much thought, discussion and effort set the foundations for the recommended way forward. To get to the right positioning and subsequent rebrand, we undertook a detailed discovery process. This involved conducting in-depth research including senior team strategy workshops, full competitor messaging and creative reviews to establish market norms and benchmarks, qualitative research, including team interviews, customer interviews, prospect and market influencer interviews, and internal team engagement sessions.

Creating the rebrand DNA:

All insights were used to create a simple value proposition, vision, mission, values, personality and positioning. These brand foundations directed the creative brief when finding the new identity and name, and importantly now act as the guiding star for all communications and actions across the business. The result; is a brand that is modern, fresh, relevant, motivating and real that really works to bring all aspects of the business to life."

From research, there was a clear momentum to create and solve problems and evidence that clients value the creative can-do solutions-based approach of the business.

The rebrand focused on the positive momentum that the business delivers to its customers and the possibilities that the team create every day.


The CARE values are central to the new brand and they emphasise the human drive of the business - setting out the key principles of collaboration, aspiration, having resolve, and always working to enhance - these values are a true reflection of how the business is run and they sit firmly across all the work the team at Propel delivers.


Brand positioning and purpose - the positioning, ‘Partners in Possibilities’, and purpose, Making Tech Possible, sets an expectation and a promise to customers and supports the curious problem-solving nature of the Propel team.


The name - Propel Tech encapsulates the outcomes-based approach and the difference the team's bespoke software and technical solutions make for clients.


The new identity is designed to feel human, real, playful, curious, fresh, relevant and exciting, with all the knowledge, experience and expertise of a tech firm that’s been in business for one and a half decades. The icon represents the three areas of the business and the radiating impact that positive technology can have on businesses, the colours are bold to communicate positivity, expertise and a modern improvement mindset. Including a fun illustration style in the brand lexicon allows us to be creative with messaging.

Capturing the business viewpoint at the rebrand:

Read on to discover more about the experience, process and outcomes from a few different viewpoints.

David Ritchie, the business owner

“After several years of having the same branding and technical style of messaging, we felt that we needed to change our overall brand proposition. A new look and feel were required in terms of the visual identity of the business, and we also needed to shift from what we felt was overly technical messaging to be more business outcomes focussed by speaking clearly to business decision-makers as well as a technical audience.
Another important factor in the decision to rebrand was to bring more energy and clarity to our employee proposition, which would help us to attract both graduates and experienced technical talent to our business in a highly competitive market."

Hannah Starkey, the HR manager

“The new brand has been embraced across the business and has established a real sense of pride throughout the overall team.
The office refit, team values training, workshops, and brand immersion sessions helped everyone to feel part of the journey. As such, the rebrand has injected vibrancy and momentum into business communications and allowed every voice to be heard.
In fact, it has created positive feedback across teams, customers and prospects and has certainly bolstered our recruitment strategy. Tech is a highly competitive recruitment market and I think the visuals of our brand quickly and effectively provide an idea of our culture; we’re not a stuffy and formal business. The candidates we’re looking for have a passion for problem-solving, so our brand purpose ‘Making Tech Possible’ is really appealing to them."

A final word from business owners, David Ritchie and Andy Brown, for anyone else considering a rebrand:

“We’d always recommend going through an in-depth process of discovery like we did to achieve complete and impactful results. This framework gives assurance that no stone has been left unturned in arriving at the right name, look, feel and proposition to help move your business forward. That said, it’s also important to listen to your gut instinct along the way. This combination certainly served us well.”

Following the initial rebrand Think Collectiv have worked with Propel Tech to direct all marketing and brand communication and strategically support the ongoing brand and marketing delivery. Get in touch today if you want to partner with Think Collectiv on your rebrand or if you are looking for possibilities focused software development partner find out more about Propel Tech

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