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Crafting the Brand Strategy of Black Lab Digital

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, as a growing SEO agency standing out amidst the competition requires more than just expertise—it demands a unique identity and a compelling brand strategy. In 2023 Think Collectiv worked with Black Lab to develop a meaningful brand narrative, what has emerged is a beacon of change, a catalyst reshaping the norms of PPC, SEO, and web development services. Let's delve into the journey of crafting their brand strategy and positioning as the Digital Changemakers.

Who Are Black Lab?

Black Lab is not just another digital agency. They are experts in PPC, SEO, and web development services, dedicated to helping their clients stand out in their markets.

Their approach is characterised by continuous improvement and the assurance of peace of mind. But what truly sets them apart is their refreshingly human, no-nonsense approach - this set the foundations for the new brand position of Digital Changemakers.

They work as specialists, embedded within their clients' teams, offering hard work, honest knowledge, and problem-solving skills.

Crafting the Positioning

In a market cluttered with agencies, Black Lab stands out as an agile, future looking, yet mature and knowledgeable partner. They take their work seriously without losing sight of the human touch and the important impact good digital strategy can make.

From discussions and interviews across the business and with customers and the team, Think Collectiv crafted a position around building personal relationships and offering effective solutions-driven services that drive positive change felt true an authentic.

From reviewing the research discovery stage it became apparent that the team do not just provide services but is focused on being positive changemakers in their industry, delivering genuine care and real relationships to their clients. This led the creative development of a bold, considered fresh futuristic colour pallet of blues and green. The new logo mark built from pixels is a changeable format that can shift and evolve, this is used as a creative device to suggest change and evolution of the services they offer - this is complemented by a strong uppercase Sans Serif font name mark.

Differentiation and Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes Black Lab different from its competitors? It's not just about being better at what they do; it's about striving for continuous improvement and doing things differently, questioning to always ensure they are delivering the best results. Their focus on building genuine relationships and their commitment to improving the sector set them apart. Unlike other agencies, they aim to offer more control, transparency, and impactful knowledge sharing with their clients.

Black Lab's expertise combined with their no-nonsense, human approach makes them a standout choice for clients seeking genuine care, expertise, forward looking no-nonsense, effective solutions.

Finding Black Lab's Personality and Tone of Voice

The personality and tone of voice of Black Lab that developed as part of the brand strategy was one of quietly challenge the norm, yet they are not anarchists; they work as safe pairs of hands, solving problems with knowledge and hard work.
  • Their communication style is friendly, respectful, and insightful.

  • They listen as much as they talk, offering solutions and options with a calm demeanor.

  • Visually, they appear real, genuine, and human, ready to collaborate and make a difference.

Crafting Vision, Mission, and Values

Black Lab's vision was rooting in their quest for improvement ; To leave PPC, SEO, and digital web development in a better place for every client they touch.

This commitment to improvement and chagne resonated strongly with the team and this is supported by a new bold mission that revolves around unlocking data, building genuine relationships, and continually improving to find a better way.

Crafting the values that they live by —Genuine, Driven, Industrious, Supportive, and Pivotal— was a process that engaged the senior team and the new values now guide their actions and decisions, ensuring they deliver on their promises to clients.

Value Proposition

At the heart of Black Lab's value proposition is their ambition to be specialists and change-makers. They offer clients a more effective agency relationship, working as part of their team to provide more control, transparency, and knowledge sharing.

Their refreshingly human approach puts relationships at the centre of delivering a better way for PPC, SEO, and web development, allowing clients to always be the hero.


It was a pleasure to work with the Black Lab team to guide them through a brand discovery and set them out a genuine and authentic message in the market - one that deliver to their unique business attributes but also to cleint demands and against the competitor landscape.

Black Lab's brand strategy as the Digital Changemakers is not just about offering services—it's about revolutionising the industry.

With their unique positioning, values, and tone of voice, they set themselves apart from competitors and offer clients a refreshing alternative. The new visual identity works to deliver to the new DNA. By staying true to their mission and values, Black Lab can build meaningful difference and critical memorability allowing them to continue on their growth trajectory and to pave the way for a brighter future in digital marketing. Find out more about Black Lab

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