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CIRCOLL: Building a Sustainable Legacy: Brand Development for a Sustainable Underlay Brand

In today's increasingly eco-conscious world, sustainability has become a core concern for consumers and businesses alike. This shift in mindset has paved the way for the growth of sustainable brands across various industries.

For over 25 years Anglo Recycling has been leading the way in manufacturing recycled and low-carbon products with over 150 products supplying many industries. Anglo Recycling’s products have an array of technical attributes providing solutions that insulate, protect and reduce noise using a low carbon footprint process.

As a manufacturer of recycled sustainable underlay Anglo Recycling pioneered the process in the 1990’s and today it saves over 1000 tons of virgin carpet off-cuts from landfill every year.

With a strong heritage, a great work culture, and a long history of providing sustainable underlay to well-known retailers as a white-label product Anglo Recycling was presented with a fantastic opportunity to put its brand front and centre in the retail space.

The Anglo Recycling Lancashire Mill

The brand problem:

The problem was there was no existing retail brand, thus the challenge arose to develop and define the brand at speed and with a focus. Working with Andy Hall, Managing Director and Simon Macaulay, Owner and Founder, Think Collectiv had just a three-month window to create the new brand from start to live in-store date.

It quickly became apparent that the business had a really strong purpose of supporting people and delivering sustainably. As a founder-owned family business, the culture was underpinned by a belief in supporting each other, working together, investing in local communities, valuing heritage manufacturing skills, making the most of otherwise discarded resources, and supporting every individual in the business to be their best. These were important aspects of the business that needed to be communicated in our sustainable brand message.

The solution:

With a tight deadline, we got to work on recommending the brand framework and unpicking the intricacies of how the new retail brand would work as part of Anglo Recycling's wider product offering. We spent time understanding the retail opportunity, the competitor market, the business and the specific retailer needs. This led to the development of the brand DNA - values, vision, mission and purpose, consolidation of the heritage story and delivery of the new brand identity across naming, photography and all brand assets. From research a clear vision and mission based on the circular nature of the business unfolded:


Every home is a Circoll home – Circoll underlay in every home across the UK, creating more sustainable homes and providing UK textile manufacturing jobs.


To craft quality UK-made sustainable underlay - that offers an alternative environmentally conscientious way to floor your home.

Strong values place front and centre:

From early on in the discovery process it was clear that the founder-run business was ethically run and had a real purpose – this led to the 5 C’s of Circoll:


Circoll was a natural name that leaned into the recycled nature of the product, nods to the circular economy and acknowledges the collective way of working at Anglo Recycling. The naming process was time-consuming and needed focused effort to find a ownable and meaningful name.

Visual Development:

The brief for the visual identity was to communicate the quality of the product while ensuring the sustainable product features and collaborative working methods were incorporated across brand assets, a natural colour pallet reflects the natural colours of the end product and these are enhanced with a deep blue that sets off the visually simple wordmark. The wordmark incorporates a circle monogram that symbolises the product and the 3 stages of the recycling process as well as suggesting the loop production process and reflecting the collaborative way of working at Anglo Recycling. Imagery is real and authentic and brings out the beauty of the product across the manufacturing process.

Delivering retail understanding:

Additionally, we supported with large retailer conversations and retail marketing know-how. The result I am pleased to say is an incredible new brand Circoll

Find out more:

You can find out more about Circoll and see the new brand in action here - or visit the Anglo Recycling website here –

Circoll is now sold in an exciting partnership with, it will be sold online, at The Floor Room’s Flagship Tottenham Court Road store and in John Lewis Floor Room Concessions across the UK.

It has been a pleasure working with the team at Anglo Recycling and The Floor Room in developing this exciting and positive sustainable brand, I really do hope that every home becomes a CIRCOLL home.

In my next blog, I will be sharing hints and tips for creating a sustainably focused retail brand

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