Welcome to Think Collectiv.  We have one goal to make your business stronger by unlocking the super power of effective brand strategy.  


No matter what sector or where your business is on its trajectory from start up to maturity, one aspect that can super power your growth is effective brand strategy creation and delivery. 

With over 20 years experience of helping start ups and larger corporate across all sectors Think Collectiv delivers a lean and insightful process to get brand super powers working for you. 


We are an agile branding and marketing consultancy that is strategy lead.

Activating insights and understand behaviours to create powerful and meaningful brand foundations and compelling marketing strategies.

We have done this for large and small businesses from BT, MasterCard and Ikea to small start up brands, creating the focus for one off campaigns and for whole businesses


Brand is more than a logo or a clever message, your brand is a valuable asset that needs careful consideration, and a strategy to develop its value internally and externally. 


There are many reasons why you might need to relook at your brand, this could be a change in business direction, new goals and targets or cultural changes that are effecting your business.


We use industry tested methodologies to find the right position for your brand, work out how it can add value to your business and then simplify the brand strategy creation and marketing strategy process.  We get your brand flying by developing 3 distinct brand superpowers:

MEANING -  we find what really matters to your audience?

DIFFERENCE - how are you different to competitors?

SALIENCE -  are you relevant and what does culture dictate?

We use these "powers" to connect brands to consumers and culture. We find the right audiences, check objectives and deliver focus. We find truths and insights across culture, business and consumers and link these to build solid brand frameworks, brand campaigns, creative outputs and communications strategies. 



We work on our customers terms - but we can offer a number of simple packages.

Our services focus on research and insight and strategic thinking in action - creating enligtenment that show the way forward for your brand and your business. 

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Alone we are strong; together we are stronger

Create brand super powers with Think Collectiv.

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